The portfolio of projects within the accounting and finance function continued to grow without increases in available time and resources. Senior leadership would benefit from visibility of project status and prioritization. Additionally, one of the projects within the portfolio was a PeopleSoft HR upgrade that needed assistance to be successful.



Without a Portfolio view of all projects, the lack of visibility would have limited the ability to make strategic portfolio decisions regarding resource allocation within the portfolio along with resource demands from outside of the accounting/finance portfolio. With respect to the PeopleSoft HR upgrade, the highest risk was the inability to pay employees or to have them paid incorrectly.


Our Role

Stache & Associates was responsible for creating the portfolio of active and future projects within the accounting and finance function as well as providing Project Management for the testing activities related to the PeopleSoft HR upgrade.



Stache & Associates developed a detailed workplan to view and categorize more than 150 projects into a meaningful snapshot and further refined the detailed workplan to develop an executive summary of the 30 key initiatives on a roadmap across two fiscal years. Stache & Associates also developed a detailed test plan and managed extensive testing of the payroll module by the department. We managed the edits and standardization of payroll and business expense documentation to reflect the upgraded system functionality.



Improved resource planning and assignment to projects and provided leadership with an executive dashboard that helped drive resource allocation when considering enterprise-wide projects requiring accounting and finance resources. Improved visibility to active and upcoming projects and their relationships and/or dependencies to each other. Assisted in prioritizing critical and non-critical projects from a sequencing and value perspective. Provided insight and visibility to executives outside of the accounting/finance function and set an example for other functional areas to follow. On the PeopleSoft HR Upgrade, the Project Management of the testing component resulted in a successful implementation.


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