The organization was required to upgrade their timekeeping system in order to remain within required parameters for vendor support and to prepare for an eventual move to the cloud. Effective Change Management was necessary to drive stakeholder awareness and adoption about new system functionality, features and processes that were previously underutilized, and to increase departmental visibility and credibility within the organization.



A lack of adoption from the business, especially Leaders and Managers, would jeopardize the ability of the payroll department to pay 13,000 employees in a timely and accurate manner. A lack of awareness about the system changes and expected downtime would have resulted in major disruption to the business and detracted from the quality of patient care and overall employee satisfaction.


Our Role

Stache & Associates provided full lifecycle Change Management for the timekeeping system upgrade, including strategy development and operations execution.



Our Change Management team performed a change readiness and risk assessment to understand organizational attributes, outline competing business initiatives, and provide mitigation strategies. We compared the current and future state to determine major system changes, outline measurable performance indicators, and craft key messages that clearly conveyed the business case for change and benefits of the upgrade. We equipped the project sponsor with the tools to actively and visibly engage with the business throughout the project in order to establish and maintain relationships throughout the organization. After defining key stakeholders, we conducted in-depth interviews with representatives from each impacted group to create a network of change champions, determine key concerns, and define the most effective means to engage with each audience to educate and equip them for the upcoming changes. We also developed a toolkit specifically for Leaders to guide them in communicating the change, minimizing employee resistance, and coaching their employees towards system adoption. We created a training repository containing comprehensive user guides, how-to videos, frequently asked questions, as well as detailed information about the upgrade. Stache & Associates also facilitated in-person support opportunities at the various campuses, set up resource labs for technical assistance, arranged for system demonstrations to key user groups, and educated users about the available pre and post-go-live support opportunities. At the conclusion of the project, we performed a knowledge transfer and presented a sustainability plan with recommendations to enable lasting change.



Effective Change Management helped drive system adoption and meet key business goals, including a highly successful payroll cycle immediately after go-live, decreasing off-cycle payroll requests and consistent reduction in expected post-go-live support calls.


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