A growing portfolio of projects were competing for time and resources, and management needed greater visibility and real-time access to project data to make strategic decisions at the portfolio level. Project teams needed consistent, easy-to-use tools supported by best practices to generate and capture meaningful project data.



Without a Program Management Organization, a lack of project data would have limited the client’s ability to make strategic portfolio decisions regarding funding, sponsorship and resourcing. Project teams would continue to experience confusion and reduced project performance, including delays in project timelines, higher instances of rework, lower quality outputs, lack of meaningful communication, and an excessive administrative burden to gather consistent project data.


Our Role

Stache & Associates was responsible for the creation of a Program Management Organization for strategic business transformation projects, and development of project management training for use of the newly designed process.



Stache & Associates designed a project management process comprised of best practice procedures, templates and tools. To sustain this process, we created a platform capable of supporting project data and status, housing templates, and providing a portal for project team collaboration. Stache & Associates developed training for client teams on the process and tools and pulled existing projects into the system.



The client experienced improved communication within project teams and between teams and stakeholders. The client also gained a deeper level of problem solving within projects and reduced administrative burden producing reports and creating project data. Stache & Associates anticipates that benefits also will include business operating efficiency improvements, reduced number of late or overrun projects, better resource planning and assignment to projects, streamlined processes especially cross-divisionally, improved visibility to operational activities (inclusive of both achievements and opportunities for further improvement), a higher degree of empowerment and trust between project teams and stakeholders, and better decision making at the executive level due to the availability of options, outcomes and supporting data.


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