Two portfolio companies of a private equity firm were positioned to merge and form a newly combined chemical services company. Pre-merger activities were critical to set the merger strategy with a focus on employees, customers, process, technology, and culture. Post-merger activities were focused on executing against the strategy to transform the legacy companies into a single operating company.



A lack of communication and understanding by the employees of both companies as to the events leading up to merger, benefits to employees and the broader organization (What, Why, Importance) could have had an unnecessary negative impact on employee morale, engagement, and retention. Similarly, false perceptions of the merger and speculative changes/outcomes by customers could have disrupted the business, damaged relationships/trust, with accompanying negative financial impacts. Communication was a key factor that could drive success or failure to achieve the merger objectives.


Our Role

Develop pre and post-merger integration strategy, approach, structure, and to drive integration results. Lead the Integration Program Office focused on 12 integration teams: Labs, Tech Services, Products & Inventory, HR, HSE, IT, Finance & Accounting, Blending, Procurement, Systems, Communications, and Organizational Structure. Provide visibility, progress, plans, and issue resolution to Steering Committee.



Defined integration benefits, scope, and waves/timing with executive leadership. Developed integration strategy, approach, structure and staffing to drive the work. Made executive assignments to turn the approach, structure and staffing discussions into a working program. Built the ongoing schedule to establish and operationalize the integration program office (IPO).

Created steering committee, IPO, integration teams, leaders, and team members; along with respective roles and responsibilities.

Kept company focused on its customers and core business; not distracted by integration activities. Developed initial merger communications and post-merger integration communications with employees and customers.

Initially facilitated each workstream to identify integration team objectives, scope, approach, and key activities resulting in 12 detailed integration work plans, managed centrally by the IPO. Fully engaged with integration teams to provide a consistent, defined, structured integration approach, driving progress and accountability against integration objectives, workplans, commitments, and results.



Effectively worked with executive leadership and project teams to manage communications and drive partial or full integration for each integration team as scheduled. Employee and customer retention goals were met or exceeded. Although not a driving force of the integration, cost and revenue improvement opportunities were naturally uncovered during the integration process and began to be realized. This merger integration resulted in a newly structured leadership team with improved processes and streamlined operations to become the largest chemical services provider in the Permian Basin.


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