The company’s existing time keeping legacy system needed to be upgraded. The Kronos cloud-hosted solution was identified by the company that included solutions design, implementation, and support. Proven Project Management assistance was required to lead this enterprise-wide solution impacting a large number of stakeholders. Opportunity for error was high which necessitated experienced and high-touch Project Management resources.



Because timekeeping has a direct impact on payroll, anything less than a successful implementation would jeopardize accurate and timely pay for employees. If the solution didn’t work, the organization would have had to operate without a timekeeping system and calculate time and payroll manually until a revised solution was put in place.


Our Role

Stache & Associates was responsible for the Project Management of the Kronos implementation.



Stache & Associates provided full lifecycle project management in conjunction with the client and Kronos project managers. This included project planning, project schedule maintenance, communication planning, resources, budget, training coordination, testing, implementation, go-live, and application support. We facilitated weekly core team meetings with the project managers and work stream leads and requirements gathering sessions with business advisors. Stache & Associates managed and tracked testing progress and issues, provided regular communication with stakeholders at various levels on project status, issues, and action items, managed go-live readiness activities and provided go-live support.



The Stache & Associates Project Management role was critical in a successful Kronos implementation. The original plan of a two-phase deployment was accelerated to go-live in a single deployment. The methodologies and approaches were tailored to the company’s culture and can be repeated for future projects. The approach and rigor used in this project helped the cross-functional communication to accomplish this highly complex Change initiative that had a tremendous amount of risk.


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